Guided tours in Catania

Education dedicated to schools of all levels

Our experience in the field, allows us to offer guided tours to sites of major historical, archaeological and cultural interest in Catania, suitable for school groups of all levels. We cooperate with the educational staff of the requesting institution and develop itineraries according to the needs and ages of the students.

Educational tours are conducted by tour guides licensed by the Region of Sicily, with absolute professionalism. In addition, we take care of reservations for entrances to various archaeological sites (mandatory under D. M. 507 11/12/97)

What we offer

Quality and professionalism

Collaborations with Educational Institutions

We develop the implementation of educational visits to the local area through participation in School/work alternance, National Operational Plan (PON), Pathway for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PTCO) and ERASMUS projects.

Thematic Routes and Educational Workshops

Choose from our proposals for guided tours, educational workshops or design with us a specific itinerary designed for your class.

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