A walk through the city: History of epidemics and miracles

What would the city walls tell if they could talk?
Stories of epidemics and miracles in Catania.
A walk through the city along the walls and ramparts amid miracles, legends and stories of plague and rebirth.


  • Departure 4 p.m. from Stesicoro Square.
  • Duration of the tour about 2 hours.
  • Cost 9 euros per person.
    The cost includes the remote broadcast audio system (whisper or similar).

We ask that you bring gloves, face masks, and phone headsets.

Reservations are required by contacting the following contact details:

  • mail: guidect.eventi@gmail.com
  • Tel: 3442249701 o 3668708671
  • Facebook: Guide Turistiche Catania

The walks will be conducted in the manner prescribed for the category by Sicily Region Ordinance No. 22 of June 2, 2020

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